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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Vietnam update

Arranging my trip to Vietnam has been.... interesting. I've been reading a lot and learning as much as I can about the country and the people. Their history goes back to ancient times and is starting to see some growth and prosperity after a long period of war and conflict. It is now, by all accounts, a peaceful country that is very welcome to Americans and other foreigners. The worst that is likely to happen to me is that I'll get scammed out of some money. Or hit by a car. Or dragged down the road by a someone on a motor scooter trying to steal my purse.

I have decided to book a tour guide, since I will be traveling on my own and it is my first time going to Asia. It's very inexpensive to hire a private guide, even for a single traveler such as myself, so I don't have to travel with a group of strangers. I think it will really be a great way to get to know the country. Assuming the tour company I have booked with hires good, knowledgable guides. That's also assuming the company I have booked with is even legitimate.

My main itinerary will be 4 days in Sapa, 2 days on Halong Bay and 4 days in Hoi An (with a few other travel days which will include free time in Hanoi). Hoi An is an old town located along a river in Central Vietnam and is said to be a great place to shop for silk and artwork. It is in close proximity to the South China Sea and several beaches, so it will be a lovely place to relax at the end of my trip. I've booked a room at the Ancient House Resort, an adorable little "resort" in Hoi An, complete with a pool and, of course, an ancient house.

I think 2 weeks will be the longest I've ever been away from Jon and Quentin, so I'm going to miss them tremendously. I wish he could come...


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