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Friday, December 09, 2005

Partnership with RedLime Web Development

I am happy and excited to announce my new partnership with Cherie at Red Lime Web Development (aka Webgyrl). She will be offering photographry services, through me, for all of her clients. I'm hopeful that this will be a great partnership. She is an incredibly talented web designer.

Check out her website at: Red Lime Web

On another note, I have been shopping for some new studio lights and accessories. I am slowly going insane trying to figure all of this out. You'd think that manufacturers could just make all of their accessories universal, but nooooooo they all seem to be proprietary. So trying to deterimine which softbox or grids will work with which monolights has been a colossal pain in the butt. On top of that, I'm trying to determine which light modifiers will give me the looks that I want, but the possibilities seem endless (endlessly expensive!). It doesn't help that everyone on the web has a different opinion.

One thing that I DO know is that I am getting myself the Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 lens that I have been lusting over for the last year. It is such a sweet lens- one of Nikon's best ever. I actually just read the other day that Steve McCurry's image of the Afganistan woman with the green eyes was taken with this lens. I will now be able to take photographs as good as Steve McCurry (except not).

Oh yeah... we got a foot of snow today here in Vermont! Everything looks so pretty. I'm going to go enjoy it now because in a couple of weeks I'll be whining for summer to return.


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