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Friday, October 06, 2006

Tilted and shifted

I recently purchased a very cool lens. It's the Nikkor 85mm PC f/2.8 Micro... an interesting macro lens with the ability to tilt and shift the plane of focus for some interesting effects. It's not a quick lens to work with. You need to meter, lock exposure, compose, tilt and/or shift, recompose, focus, stop down the lens, and then take the picture. You definitely need a tripod and some patience. I got it mainly for commercial work and to get more depth of field when shooting table top items, however I'm discovering that it is going to be very useful for more creative stuff. One thing that really suprised me is the extreme to which you can tilt the plane of focus. If you look at the pictures of the graveyard below, you can see that the plane of focus is almost perpendicular to the lens.

I really wanted to take this lens to a graveyard near my house to play around with some selective focusing. The weather was beautiful so I took a drive up there today. I'm not fully satisfied with the results, but here they are. I will go back for more...


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