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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Less then 2 weeks....

'til Bali! With the weather we've been having lately (COLD) I can not wait for some hot, humid weather.

My news for the day? I found a bathing suit that not only fits me, but I actually like it! I got it from Athleta. I had never heard of this company until I got a catalog in the mail, but I'm now a huge fan of their clothes. In addition to my new bathing suit, I bought a really cute knit skirt. The fabric and construction are both very high quality.

So what does a travel photographer bring to Bali? Well, normally I would just bring a camera body and a couple of lenses. I like to travel light. However, since I have a job to do there, beyond photographing the people and culture, I need to be prepared. My list of equipment includes: 2 Camera bodies, 5 lenses (4 primes and 1 zoom), filters, flash, tripod, reflector and diffusion panel, lap top computer, 2-4GB memory cards, plus all of the battery chargers and cords to go along with all that stuff. It's not going to be fun carrying all of that stuff around, but even though I'm going to somewhere warm and tropical, I have to keep telling myself this is not a vacation.


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